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OSU Asian Art History Course Support

For students enrolled in History of Art courses at The Ohio State University.

Class presentations and lecture materials including PDFs of PowerPoint presentations given in class and audio recordings of lectures by Dr. John C. Huntington.

Publications by John C. Huntington

Includes downloadable PDF's of articles and links to web publications

Dictionary of Buddhist Terms

Definitions of Buddhist terms taken from the glossary of: The Circle of Bliss: Buddhist Meditational Art
by John C. Huntington & Dina Bangdel.

Part 1 (A - L) | Part 2 (M - Y)

(Downloadable PDF Files)

Huntington, John C., Dina Bangdel, and Robert A. F. Thurman.
The Circle of Bliss: Buddhist Meditational Art.
Chicago: Serindia Publications, 2003.

Maps of Asia

Detailed Maps

Historical Maps
Neo & Chalcolithic India
Early South Asia
Bactro-Gandharan History

Locator Maps
East Asia
Himalayan Region
Inner Asia
Near & Middle East
Southeast Asia
South Asia (Indic Region)
Chinese Provinces

Map of Asia

Map of Regions Documented in the Huntington Archive

Graphics for Teaching Buddhist Ideas

This section contain computer graphic drawings produced by Professor John C. Huntington, as part of his on-going research on Buddhist art and religion.

A Guide to Digital Photography for Field Research (PDF)

PDF detailing proper procedures for photographing objects and structures to be used as documentation for research purposes.

Lost, Stolen, and Damaged Images of Afghanistan and Nepal

The purpose of this section is:

  1. to provide students and scholars with access to visual materials that have been lost or stolen from their place of origin or museum collections.
  2. to help prevent the perpetuation of art theft throughout Asia by providing collectors, art dealers, and museum curators with visual references to works of art that are know or believed to have been stolen.
  3. to increase awareness about the growing problem of art theft throughout Asia.

Asa Saphu Index

  1. An Excel spreadsheet of the Database Index.
  2. This PDF includes the actual data cards for Part 2 of the 1500+ missing manuscripts.